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RADAR Nudge enables secure, fast teamwork among colleagues. No matter where each colleague is located, issues that can be addressed instantly are handled instantly. The workday is freer, more efficient. No need for a backlog of open loops that require follow up.

RADAR Nudge transmits secure, encrypted information instantly among connected providers. Available for Windows users, and as an app on iOS and Android mobile devices, Nudge enables healthcare providers to securely share and collaborate on any type of patient information.

 Bi-directional messaging support
 Secure, encrypted data
 Option to organize messages by "Chats"
 Rich content sharing: images, links, documents
 Support for iOS and Android mobile devices, and for Windows
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Check out our FAQ and how-to pages for more information about Nudge. Are you experiencing any issues? Do you have a question or a suggestion? Please let us know by sending us a quick comments.

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If you are a developer and are looking to integrate RADAR Nudge into your project you are in luck! Get in touch with us and we can tell you all about our APIs!

RADAR Nudge (version 2.12)
  • [All] We've added groups to Nudge! Network admins can create groups of people that can be messaged easily. Those groups will be available in the contact list of every network member. Navigate to the How-To section under Help for detailed information.

  • [All] We've made the Giphy search more accurate. Give it a try!

  • [All] Squashed various bugs and added performance improvements to apps and server.

  • [All] Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • [Desktop] Unsent messages will be cached until the application is restarted.

  • [Desktop] Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented notifications being shown on desktop.

  • [All] Bug fixes and security hardening.

  • [All] Nudge Networks will support a user's Primary Network for more Nudge Admin controls. This will include password complexity settings for network users.

  • [Desktop] Nudge for Windows has been completely redesigned. Let us know what you think!

  • [All] We've added a 'User is typing...' indicator to your chats! Now you can see who is currently typing in your chats.

  • [All] Various bug fixes and performance improvements. We fixed bugs related to acknowledgments, who's caught up in chat, renaming chats, Nudge updates and inconsistent themes (more style changes to come soon!)

  • [Desktop] Clicking on a message will now let you partially select the text rather than selecting all the text at once.

  • [All] Chat acknowledgments are here! They can be used for delivering abnormal test results, critical test results, and STAT report delivery while receiving notification the receiver of the message has acknowledged, or rejected the information.

  • [All] Chat acknowledgment assistants are here as well! You can assign a person from your contacts list to follow up on the chats you created. They won't be able to see the messages within the chats, but they can see the chat participants so that they can follow up with them for acknowledgment.

  • [All] You can now use the acknowledgment worklist tracking and reporting acknowledgments. We are planning to overhaul the notification system for more flexibility and customization, stay tuned.

  • [All] We are reducing the frequency of mobile notifications.